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International Yunomi Invitational 2018

Just after Christmas 2018 i received an email from the Clay AKAR gallery in Ohio, USA. The gallery runs an annual Yunomi festival inviting selected potters from around to create five pieces for the show. They had invited me to take part in the show that year and without hesitation i said yes. The quality of work in this exhibition is always fantastic, I have been following the invitational for a couple of years and have seen many of my potting heroes exhibit. To be given the opportunity to show in the same arena as these extremely talented potters and ceramic artists was a real honour and a confidence boost that i was moving in the right direction with my work. I would like to thank everyone that purchased a piece of my work and to everyone at Clay AKAR that put the show together. A percentage of the money raised from the sales of my work was donated to 'The Studio Potter' publication so that they can keep on with their fantastic work.

The work on display in the exhibition was called 'Fire and Ice' and was an early precursor of my current Yunomi styles.


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