I work from my studio in Brockley, South East London making functional Pottery and Ceramic pieces that reflect the relationship between people, objects and place. 

The majority of the work I produce is often a response to a particular location; Influenced by its social and cultural histories and often made using materials harvested from the surrounding area, my work is intended as a folkloric study of the bond of union between people and place. The materials and techniques that I use, the forms I create and the decorations I add are all connected to the people, geography, industries, cultures and history of the places I am responding to. Details of the projects I am working on and the places I am exploring can be found in my blog. 

I use a lot of found materials in my practice, I dig clays and silts for clay body mixes and slip decoration and combine them with ash from organic sources such as trees, shrubs and plants and rocks and minerals to make my glazes. This 'Gatherer' and often 'Alchemistic' approach adds a personal journey of exploration and experimentation which creates a unique physical and emotional connection to the pots I make and places I explore. My philosophy towards making is definitely led by the joy I get from experimenting and exploring and is based on a fundamental love of tactile processes and play. 

My experiments and work in progress can often be seen on my Instagram account and the outcomes can be viewed in the Gallery section of this website.


 I have exhibited in the United States at the International Yunomi Invitational in Ohio and at a number of shows in the United Kingdom such as; The London Design Festival as part of the ‘Tactile Minds’ exhibition, 'Gatherers' and 'From this land' in conjunction with Thrown Contemporary and OmVed Gardens, 'Flow' and 'Elements - Earth Fire' at Gallery 57  and 'The stories we tell' at the Stratford Gallery. Please visit the Exhibition page in my Blog for details of shows and exhibitions or visit my Instagram page for news on upcoming projects and work in progress.

My work is available through my online shop or through the galleries that represent me. I am currently represented by The Leach Pottery,  Thrown Contemporary , Gallery 57 , The Stratford Gallery and the Clay AKAR gallery. 

I work freelance on commission projects and on collaboration projects with a range of artists and makers. Recent collaborations have seen me work with Anthony Dain and Tim Evershed at Brook Studio.

Alongside my own practice I also work part-time in education; I am a Pottery and Ceramics teacher at The Kiln Rooms and at the Crown Works Pottery in London. I have worked as a Design lecturer and tutor at Goldsmiths College , University of London on the BA, GDD and MA programs and as a Graphic Design and 3D/Ceramics tutor in the FE sector.

Work is available from:

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