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Chawan Tea Bowl

Chawan Tea Bowl



Designed to be used as part of the Japanese 'Chanoyu' tea ceremony or 'Way of tea' this Wabi Sabi Chawan tea bowl is perfect for a revitalising bowl of Matcha tea. The green Match tea powder is whisked in the bowl using a special Chasen whisk made from Bamboo. Equally this bowl would make a wonderful centre piece.


Material, glaze and firing method:

This bowl has been hand made from a black textured clay using carving techniques to create the form and textures. It has been decorated firstly with a white slip and then a semi translucent nuka ash glaze has been applied after the bisque firing to give the milky white and grey finish. This technique has been inspired by Korean Buncheong decoration and glazing. This piece has been fired in an electric kiln.



This Chawan tea bowl comes in its own presentation box made from sustainable Paulownia wood. Perfect for a gift and excellent protection the box can also be used as a wall mounted display. I use green, sustainable and eco friendly wood wool to provide protection when packing all my pieces.



Height: 8.5 cm

Width: 14 cm

Weight: 517g







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