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I have worked on varied projects such as book cover design, model making, branding and identity projects, small run product design, promotional product design, furniture design/ interior products, set design for the theatre and have also developed a successful product for the fly fishing market which I sell through my own company ‘Reel wings’ to a global audience. As part of my professional design practice I have been asked to write for publications and my designs have been featured in magazines, book and online articles.

​Recent projects and work experience:

​I have just completed a project working for the stretch tent company 'Woost' which involved a branding makeover and the making and dressing of a scale tent model making for promotional  use.​ I continue to work on product development for my own fly fishing product company 'Reel Wings'. I design and manufacture all the products currently on sale as well as handle the graphic design, branding and marketing strategy for the brand. I am currently working on production strategies for a piece of furniture that will be launched at the end of 2018. ​I created the cover design, photography and art work for the media and film industry book 'Runner' written by author Will Judge. ​I have worked for the mobile and social media communications company SOBO designing a branded product based on my ifob design. I also self-released the ifob, a key ring phone prop, and will be launching a new version later in 2018. I have just finished the prototypes for a lighting series that I will be self-launching in the summer of 2018.  I have worked as a set and prop builder for the National Youth Theatre and the Arts Theatre in Leicester square. Whilst working for MNO in the Netherlands I designed and developed furniture concepts for the interior and home products company Pols Potten. My designs were put into production and sold in store and through their website. I am about to start a project designing and building a multi functional design studio in south east London.

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