• Joseph Ludkin

The Politics of Design

By Ruben Pater

Bought this fantastic book as it has various chapters that relate to my current research into Cultural identity and Cultural appropriation within design. This book should be on the reading list for any BA Design course but is also written in a way that is accessible for Level 3 (BTEC and A'Level) and level 4 foundation students. Primarily written as a graphic design book the topics resonate within any field of Design and the Visual Arts


The Politics of Design explores the cultural and political context of the typography, colours, photography, symbols, and information graphics that we use every day. Designers, communication specialists, and image-makers possess the power to shape visual communication, and with that power comes great responsibility. Are we as creative professionals really aware of the political meaning and impact of our work in today’s network society? This book examines cultural contexts and stereotypes with visual examples from around the world. It demonstrates that communication tools are never neutral, and encourages its users to rethink global cultural understanding. Additional works by contemporary artists and designers show that political awareness does not limit creativity, but opens up new explorations for a critical visual culture. http://thepoliticsofdesign.com/about-the-book

The website also has a blog where designers and students can upload articles and projects. http://thepoliticsofdesign.com/

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