• Joseph Ludkin

Reel Wings Website

Synthetic wings for fly tying now available online

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As part of my design practice i have been working on the 'Reel Wings' project for the last four or five years. I have just designed the website and launched online. There are contributions from a range of professional tyers from around the world as well as some instructional videos. The wings have been tested and developed over a long period of time by some of the worlds top fly fishermen. Reel wings are now distributed by Veniards, one of the industries leading distributors of fly tying materials and equipment. Reel Wings have been featured in articles in a range of specialist magazines and books in Europe, New Zealand and the United States.

As well as designing the product range, testing the material and designing the production line, a major consideration was how to introduce a none traditional tying material to a traditional market. I spent time developing visual strategies and specific semiotics within the branding and identity to connect with my target audience.

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